Men's Health 'Gym Chat' series.
"Paul Olima, the former professional rugby and footballer player, can deadlift 325kg, squat 260kg and bench 190kg. When it comes to building muscle and developing strength, there aren't many people more qualified. 
If you don't recognise him from his Instagram account – where you'll find him smashing staggering PBs and showcasing his jaw-dropping workouts – you might be familiar with his body, which is on the front of all MaxiMuscle supplements. 
But Paul isn't your typical "influencer." In fact, he hates the word. And PTs for that matter. In this light-hearted interview, Digital Editor Robert Hicks talks to the athlete about gym-intimidation, the state of the supplement industry, steroid abuse and building a body fit for purpose."
DOP: Paul Beany Hines
Directed and Edited: Justin Barnwell
Produced: iCrossing

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